Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's So Fetch!: Shoes en Pointe

Hello gorgeous people! And welcome to my first installment of "It's so Fetch!"..where I will share my favorite trends of the season. Now..I am not the most fashionable person, but I surely do know how to appreciate fashion and style all together. The specific trend I'm quite excited over is a pointed toe shoe! It is so nostalgic for high school I liked to think I was the bees-knee's and that wearing pointed toe pumps was such a cool thing to do (*oh freshmen*). I had a collection..including a bright yellow pair with comic book drawings on them (BAM! POW!) ha! I love how they've modernized the trend and it's come to be such a classic shape. I looove how it makes my feet appear so slender and feminine.  In the past couple of days I've added two new pairs to my shoe hoard family.

I can wear these both sooooo much, does anybody else consider leopard print as a neutral? I love it! The leopard sling-back pumps are so adorable and they have such a cool texture to them..they feel expensive which I translate to good quality. 

What do you think of a pointed toe pump? 


P.S.: All of the above photos I have taken myself and if you plan to use them for any which reason please e-mail me @ and let me know where you have used them. Thank you! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Happy Home: The Bohemian Gypsy Den

I am so excited to share this project with the world! The client of this project just so happens to be my cousin and we had a tight deadline to work with; believe it or not I only had seven days to turn this room upside down and into a place of sanctuary where she could feel relaxed and not reminded of the hardships she's gone through in life. She had struggled through substance abuse and depression, and her space certainly reflected that. On top of the deadline I of course had a budget to work with of only $2500.00.This is our BEFORE panoramic:

As you can see she had many problems with the bedroom that I needed to provide solutions to:

  1. The room was only a total of about 156 sq ft and all of that space was consumed by clutter. 
  2. Furniture was too large for the bedroom. Not to mention they were all hand me down pieces, they didn't work for the space, and they were never being used. 
  3. Lack of ORGANIZATION. 
  4. The paint on the walls and entry door was unfinished and 3 different colors in an attempt to paint over the writing on the walls with permanent markers. 
  5. One of the mirrored closet doors was painted on and written all over in permanent markers as well.
  6. Poor use of space.
  7. Lack of lighting.
The first night we focused on trashing everything. We got rid of I want to say at least 5-6 trash bags worth of stuff; two of which being 36 gallon bags! The large bookshelf on the right, the chest of drawers on the left, the desk on the right, and the chairs you'll see in this 1st progress photo was all removed by local junk haulers; along with that they also took about 3 boxes of old books (she loves to read) and maybe a few bags of old clothes to be donated.

She did her laundry and organized her closet this night as well and discovered that her TV still worked! She was able to go to bed with fresh sheets and a clean floor (even under the bed)! Lookin' awesome already right!?  

The next day it was time for PRIMER! My sister actually ended up taking the sleigh bed frame off her hands since it was actually meant for a queen sized bed and my cousin had a full. She wanted her walls to be metallic silver so we used a tinted primer and discovered we'd have to do two coats which ate up 2 of our seven days! We also had to install 2 coats of the metallic paint so that was 4 whole days with out being able to install shelving, decor, or furniture. 

After ALLLL of the painting, we soon after went shopping at Home Goods, Cost Plus World Market, The Container Store etc., and I even made her a DIY palette lounger bed that sits on casters so she can move that around her room if she wanted! Here's a picture of me staining the wood, do you like my sexy work gloves and pajama pants? 

So the moment every one is waiting for! The final product!! 

The solutions to the problems:

  1. Got rid of all the excess clutter by removing all unnecessary knick knacks, clothes, books and trash.
  2. Removed bulky furniture and replaced it with smaller and more versatile pieces that doubled as storage and easily moveable. 
  3. Organized her closet, added cool shelving to display her books that she kept and used furniture that doubled as storage. 
  4. Painting the walls correctly. 
  5. Used paint stripper on mirror and saved it from being covered in ink and paint for years by removing it. 
  6. Space planned and opened up the floor plan. Made use of ALL of her space. 
  7. Added 2 more table lamps with brighter bulbs. During the day lighting isn't an issue but it is very dark in the evenings. She was using the hall light to bring light in.
Now originally she mentioned she wanted to go with the moroccan motif and slowy I realized that it really wasn't what she was looking for. So we ended up calling it the "bohemian sea gypsy den" and went for more of a boho style. Here are some more photos! What do you think?

The little clock on the left will soon be replaced with some really cool custom painted ceramic taxidermy heads! Oh the awesome finds of Etsy..

I also made the canopy that is hanging over her bed! Six yards of fabric and 2 yards of  each trim and ta-da! It was originally going to be a dark red color but sadly the fabric store was out of the red so we went with a burnt orange! Everything you see was installed by me and I have to say I am awfully proud of myself! I got to use a drill and made plenty of trips to The Home Depot. Girl Power!

This was the lounge I made! 

Some of the colors in the rugs I used on the floors. 

Who doesn't love a library floor!? But this one hopefully won't get carried away!

Phew! In the end she was very happy and grateful for her new space and that is all an interior designer could ask for! Would you turn your bedroom into a eclectic and colorful palace? Allow me to help! 


P.S.: All of the above photos I have taken myself and if you plan to use them for any which reason please e-mail me @ and let me know where you have used them. Thank you! Enjoy!

Friday, February 21, 2014

birchbox : february 2014

I am sure many of you have heard of Birchbox (if not read about them here) and what they're all about so I figured I'd share with you all what I get in my boxes. For me the excitement of receiving a box full of goodies is like having my own little Christmas morning (or evening..depending on when the package arrives) on a monthly basis. Who wouldn't want that right?

According the the card they have in this package of goodies, is chock-full of products that all the "hot celebs" are using to prepare themselves for awards season. Now, I am not all that much into watching these shows but I guess I can understand the appeal. The editor from US Magazine, Gwen Flamberg, has (obviously) collaborated with Birchbox to build this month's box and is sharing tips on posing for photos and all sorts of other helpful how-to's.

At first glance..

Miracle Skin Transformer: Face Spotlight 

Claims to be an facial illuminating product..I will keep you posted on this product I haven't made use of it just yet. Have any of you used this product? Let me know what you thought!

Joan Vass
L'eau de Opale

On the little inventory card it reads "L'eau de Amethyste".. soooo I'm pretty sure this isn't the sample that was meant to be in the box :(. Oh well, I guess I will just have to imagine it by reading the description they have on the site. In regards to the L'eau de Opale Birchbox says "This sultry scent blends top notes of valencia orange and pink pepper with a sweet combination of cinnamon leaf, jasmine samba, and tuberose middle notes. These slowly unfold into woody base notes of creamy musk,vanilla absolute, and golden amber. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the scent; initially sniffing the tube I felt it was slightly too floral for my taste but I have yet to test against my skin/body oils. I'll keep you updated on that but I'm doubtful so far.

32 Oral Care
Effervescent Breath Crystals

I have yet to use these but I will say I am very curious to try them. Have you ever used them?


Just another bun make that doesn't work well with my stringy, flat, super fine hair..even despite it's length! Story of my life..

Sheer Tints in Be Magentale With Me

OMG I'm freakin' all over this little guy, I'm gonna need to buy the full size..and what other colors do they come in??? It's a cool way to spice up a french mani to achieve the pink and white color, or even put over another solid polish to create a new and cool color-mix. 


The card that explains it all, this is my favorite feature of Birchboxes. You are given a small description of the product who it's by and how much the full size will cost you. Talk about convenience.

I can't wait for March's box to get here!! Stay tuned until then & you can look at what goodies we'll get then! 

P.S.: All of the above opinions are my own. Birchbox did not send me this box of products for compensation. I purchased my subscription and pay for it with my own money. Just enabling all product junkies out there is all ;o).


Saturday, February 8, 2014

beautiful & bronzed // a winter formal look

Hello beautiful people! I hope all is well on this lovely 61° evening. Tonight my beautiful little high-school senior of a cousin has her winter formal and she asked me if I could do her make-up for her and of course I obliged. I always get so nervous when I do somebody else's make-up. Every female has their certain way of doing things and their own set of preferences. I get especially nervous when somebody asks me to do something I'm not extremely practiced in. In this case, she wanted me to do come contouring like legit contouring, not just contouring with a bronzer. But nonetheless, I accepted the task and attacked it at full force! Let me know what you guys think of her look!  

Here is the before (I didn't remember to take the photo until after I taped off her eyes) x-p. I told you I get nervous! 

And here is the after! 


I had her top off the look with her own mascara which she had left at home but you could use whatever your personal favorite is. After all that I hope she felt pampered and beautiful, she had the cutest sunflower boutonniere and corsage made by my momma (I'll add a pic later if I can snag one)! They grow up so fast :') 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Happy Home: Renovating A Main Bath


There are plenty of issues with our current bathroom here at the fambam house; some that I may even be slightly sheepish to share with the internets, ha! We are practically starting from stage one here.  Let the inspiration pinning commence! 

I was drawn to this as it's practically the same layout as ours. I love that it's colorful, and the bead board from floor to ceiling creates cool visual interest. My mom wants to change the sad excuse for a vanity out to something similar to what they have here. It has drawers and open shelves; she prefers a darker stained wood though. Anyhow pinning on..

Who doesn't love a subway tile?

More vanity inspiration..

I liiiive for the fixtures in the shower (loves me a rain shower head) and how the tub looks elegant with simple moulding/wainscoting! Looks so expensive!

I'm excited to see how everything will come out! Trust me when I say that this remodel is LONG overdue. Stay tuned! 


images via: Pinterest

Monday, November 4, 2013

Something to Ponder Over

" "
Expose yourself.

To embarrassment.
To ridicule. To risk.
To strange events & conditions.
To things that make you cringe.
To strange vistas & new sounds.

Trust me.

It'll be fun.

" "


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is it so Much to Ask?..

..for everything on this list!?...just sayin'.

  1. ASOS Heeled Sandals I am seriously in love with this style of shoe that has seem to become more popular recently.. unless I'm totally late to the trend. But if I am oh well! ha! I love the single strap across the toe cleavage and the fact that the heel isn't a million inches high. They're so simple and classic, ultra feminine and sexy! More of a NEED than a WANT*
  2. Ray-Ban Eyeglasses! So I may be called a "hipster" by everyone who knows me if I wind up purchasing these glasses, but I am in need of some new eye wear! My old pair is outdated and ill-fitting (not to mention the wrong prescription) , but Ray-Ban wayfarers never get old! Right? I love the tortoise shell (my obsession) and the gold trim on the bottom half of the lens. Soo stylish,!
  3. A.E. Jeggings Well I already LOVE American Eagle's Jeggings..and now they have them in high rise?? Uhhhh give me all of every color! They're on sale right now too, go n' get a pair can thank me later. It's like yoga pants that look like jeans. *hallelujah chorus*
  4. Lucite Stapler! Am I the only weirdo that thinks this is the coolest thing on the planet? Please.. let me know. It's totally a piece of desk accessory that has so much character and coolness & I've been on the hunt for stuff like this to liven up my workspace. Well played Anthropologie, well played. 
  5. Firmstrong Chief 7-Speed  wanted for adventures, that is all.